How to tell if your Air Con needs a service?

Something doesn't smell right!

We all know that when your air conditioner is pumping out some questionable smells, Its time to get it checked out. Here at ETP we can help you get ready for Spring, By getting your Air Conditioner Unit Serviced.


There are many other reasons to get it checked out and some of them we have listed below!


1. Switching your Air Con on and setting it to a low temperature will also tell you any gas need replacing. Simply check to see if cool air is blowing out, if not, it may be that the fluid needs replacing in which case.


2. When you turn your Air Con unit on , if you find that the air isn’t blowing much out then it could identify that there is too much moisture in the unit or its been more than a few years since its been services. it might be time to get in touch with one of our mechanics.


3. If you find your windscreen or dashboard has dampness or condensation, then its a sign that your air con unit needs a service.


4. If its flowing correctly but for some reason there is a scent in the air blowing. one of our mechanics can solve this as part of the service.

What does a service include?

ETP offer a variety of air con packages, however, most will typically include:


Recharge of the refrigerant


Replenishing the systems lubricant


Vacuum test for leaks within the system


Evacuation of moisture from within the system


Here at ETP Tyres & Autocare we also provide both types of air con servicing which include;


– R-134A – Most Common Type of Air Conditioning Gas


– From Approx 2018 the environmentally friendly R-1234YF Refrigerant 


Please call in and check if you currently are looking at servicing a Hybrid Vehicle.

Contact us to get your Air Con serviced


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