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We come from a 15 year background in car maintenance and autocare, when we promote or provide a part, product or peripheral, We have spent the time to ensure our products are premium quality, matched with a premium service. Our team of qualified mechanics and installers have helped us build a foundation where we can rely on the products we provide for our customers day in and day out.  

UK Tyre Sealant for all Tyres

We ensure the best products for your vehicle, Wether it be for puncture prevention or improving performance, AC+ has it covered!

From Quads, Bikes, Trucks, Vans & Even Go Karts! We have the sealant you need! right HERE!

Keep on, Keepin on - Business as usual.

When you have a puncture, Use our UK Tyre Sealant to reseal the tyre before it deflates, meaning you can still move the vehicle if it needs to be replaced. A lifesaver for any industrial forklift or lorry.

Trust in the Exreme!

We know you want a product that has been rigorously tested & our UK Tyre Sealant has been tested on the biggest, the most weight intensive tyres in the earthmover industry, So you can trust on us when you take to the skies in motorcross!

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Autocare Plus is a partner company of ETP tyres and autocare. Provider of new tyres to the commercial and retail sector. Visit them Here.



Eco Tyre Sealant is a product of ETP Tyres and Autocare , Please see the product Here


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