BMW continues to revolutionise its key models with its 2025 revised i4

Rollin on big wheels!

With the all new BMW hitting the market, The spirit of Driving lives on in both the Fully electric 350 mile range or Petrol Hybrid boasting a Twin Turbo six cylinder engine and a 274Kw Electric motor. 


Looking at the design we can see the traditional BMW curves and lines that match the 4 series throughout its history as still intact and we love it. BMW has had a few ups and downs with its flagship 3 & 4 series in terms of striking design, for a time it felt that they lost there way in terms of improving the framework that kept it safe for many years. 



Some of the most notable changes over the years is the respect of the model designs we know and love, and improve aspects like colour range and wheel rims to allow vibrancy back into the german manufacturers collection. 


With new colours like Tanzanite Blue and Cape York Green. This has helped to bring new breath into the atheistic of car design and attraction.

Carrying on from the design , elements of the I4 like lights for example are kindle to pieces of art themselves, With geometric lines in the form of LED’s and body panels. You can appreciate the intricate details BMW have put into the new 2025 model! 

Speed and Comfort!

Like many of BMW’s flagship models they all come with that enhanced , sporty and slightly faster M and M sport models.No difference here with the I4 , Increasing overall top speed and range across its petrol and fully electric models with superior fine tuning by the geniuses at BMW’s sports modification wing.


One thing we all can agree on…is the hope the exhaust isn’t restricted. We have gotten tired of looking at fast cars, we want to hear them!


One thing is for sure though, This M4 will have all the features and improvements you can expect form a 2025 model. Lets have a look at the interior (IMAGES BELOW).

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