Wondering if your Brakes need checking?

There can be a number of reasons why your brakes need checking, When you know the points to look out for. It can save you £100’s in repairs….Heres a few to check for…


Squeaking – Squeaking could suggest that your brake calliper has stuck ad brake pad might remain in constant contact with the disc.  As well,  some brake pads have indicators that make a squel when worn to let the driver know the brakes need changing. This should indicate that your brakes need checking….


Grinding – Grinding would potentially indicate a bigger warning sign with things like sparks and burnt out brakes. Grinding would indicate parts are making contact that shouldn’t, and an investigation as to why their grinding is essential.


Pulling – If you find that when applying breaks that the car will seemingly move left or right, This could indicate a problem with one side of the hydraulic system, A pad could be loose or catching.


Either way, Call us on 01733 204 600 and we can check remotely.


Pulsing Brakes – Even thought ABS will stage its braking to reduce any drift or wheel locking. Pulsing sounds from brakes could indicate that your pads have warped due to heat or pressure. Anything that isnt keeping the car central is having enhanced wear and tear on the vehicle and even your brakes. A great time to get it replaces.


Understand the key points.....

Soft Brake Pedal – Now we know that low brake fluid can reduce the impact of braking, but if you find that the fluid is ok, Then the pads themselves may need replacing. Especially if you find your brakes are no where near as responsive as they were. We can identify it in a short pit stop to our garages on Unit 3 Funtham’s Ln, Peterborough PE7 2PB.


Dashboard Light – Most modern vehicles have an array of sensors and warning lights to help guide you when something isn’t right. Any indicator that shows up regarding breaks would benefit from a visit to our garages, We can then run a diagnostics throught the car to find out whats wrong and fix it. Sometimes on the same day !


High Handbrake – it may need adjusting If you find the handbrake raising higher then usual. In modern cars, this is usually anything more than 6 to 8 clicks. If the handbrake lever reaches the end of its travel, it will fail the MOT.


For your vehicle safety , pop into our Garage or call on 01733 204 600 to arrange a recovery or remote visit. ETP can cater to your needs wherever you are.

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