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Bristol Street Motors Champions

POSH : 2024 Bristol Street Motors Champions

Final Stats

Bristol Street Motors Trophy Champions
Well the build up to this incredible match was felt by the whole team at ETP, This was going to be a memory for the whole city of Peterborough to share, And to be playing at a stadium like Wembley must bring great hope to those players in our cities team.

What a victory for Peterborough United to become the Bristol Street Motors Champions. A win that will be remembered for years to come!

It was a great lineup for the POSH and the game plan was set to bring home the trophy, All they needed was to perform for 90 minutes and they will return home as Victors! 
The day was tense as of course you dont get to see the POSH at Wembley often! But the atmosphere was full of energy and support for our boys! 
1000’S Flocked to London to watch the boys in blue rise to become champions. 


Bristol Street Motors Champions

A visit to ETP from the players at POSH

Our owner is very supportive of the club and always attends the matches

Bristol Street Motors Champions

With so much love from Peterborough United supporters, Some were brought to tears at the moment the final whistle blew! 


Now the POSH can take this momentum with them to the play offs and beyond. 


ETP and the People of Peterborough support the POSH in all weather, all situations and all conditions! 


this to me is one of the main reasons we got here winning trophies at Wembley


2024 Season is going to be amazing, we are bracing for a great year ahead.

POSH Winners 2024 – Bristol Street Motors Trophy Champions

Bristol Street Motors Champions
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