E bikes, Quads, Buggies and Motor Cross - The 3 best locations in the UK for trials and adventure!

The 3 Best Off-Road Trials in the UK

Back in 2019 which is over 5 years now!, ETP started in the Earthmover Sector helping companies Nationwide to keep their Big Tractors, Trucks and movers running without issues or wasted time. 


Working in the thick mud daily is where our fitters feel most at home! We have become one with the mud and dirt, so we decided to note down some great places outside of dig sites and construction that you can enjoy in the UK!




The UK is very fortunate to have large reserves in some of the most mountainous regions in England (Yes Wales & Scotland have more hills but were doing UK alright!) 


The peak district have views that compare with the region of Wales. Its amazing wilderness and trials span miles through the dense forest and steep inclines. This makes it perfect for offroad Bikes and Other off road vehicles to enjoy a vast space to explore and even….go to the extreme! 


Peak District has some of the most exhilerating trials that swerve through thick dense trees and fauna. One miss of the eye and you could find yourself in a sticky situation, but thats what you want! the thrill to go fast down a trial while loosely hovering the brake and clenching butt cheeks! We love getting dirty and the Peak District doesn’t disappoint! Visit them HERE.


NUMBER 2 – Drakewalls in Devon!


Devon is known for its beautiful scenery and relaxing walks through the country, But Drakewells is know for great 4×4 trials which test your skills navigating through thick mud and exposed rocks ready to pierce a tyre in seconds if not navigated correctly!


Reviews have said ‘Good challenging and sometimes technical lanes of Devon , some great water crossings , some tidal so beware!’ From Wilcoc.com.


Dont need to tell us twice , that alone wants us to test our workhorses on the terror terrain and tidal floods that present a challenge for anyone looking for adventure in DEVON!



Number 3 - Settle - Appersett

If you find yourself looking for something incredible to do, Try the number 3 spot on our list . Settle is a 48 Mile Trial with elevation gain of 5000FT and a drop/loss of upto 4300FT. This is set as a moderate difficulty track and will certainly push your capabilities to the limit! 


We love the scenes in Yorkshire but to be put through 48 miles of constant offroad. You can assure that the time will be well spent!  Its a one way trial that lasts over 6 hours! 


Think your up for the challenge? View the trial HERE.


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Have fun in the mud!


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