ETP's Eco Tyre Sealant now shipping in 25l Variants

25L with pump now available

Eco Tyre sealant is the leader in puncture prevention, Over the years ETP has redesigned and improved the liquid and distribution of the sealant into the Tyre, Guidance and instructions for use can be found HERE


Our industry grade sealant is the best way to keep vehicles either on the road or keep you off-roading! we know that cutting your job or adventure short due to a puncture isn’t great, in fact it can ruin your day out or loose precious time on earthmover or delivery jobs.


With our new 25l product launching with a great response. We decided to offer 10% storewide by using the code ‘SEALME10’ at checkout. Delivered straight to your door! 


ETP are a Tyre specialist based in the East Midlands, Providing Tyres, Brakes, Service and general repair across Cambridge, Peterborough and The rest of the East. 


ETP also offer mobile repair and recovery as part of their partnership with VH recovery.

Protect your Tyres!

Punctures are a pain, and to even spend the time to repair punctures can be ‘frustrating’ if you dont have the tools OR TIME!


With our Eco Tyre Sealant, one application before refitting the tyre can enable you to continue your day knowing that the puncture wont deflate the tyre zero and enable a quick journey to our garage to get the tyre replaced if needed. We can also provide mobile recovery as part of our service here at ETP.

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