ETP Car of the week : The elegant and rare 2021 McLaren Elva

Probably The Best looking Car...EVER!

Look, I know being biased isn’t great for journalism, But right now as i’m typing this…Im salivating at the sheer beauty of the McLaren Elva, Specifically the one under auction through Bonhams where the images and details were found! (View the Auction Here


The 2021 Elva has one of the most desired body work ive seen in over 10 years , Its unique seating position sided with a race car decal design that makes the McLaren Elva so striking its hard not to love this vehicle.


The Auction is held in Switzerland and is upcoming this month. What a car to own. Here are some details on the spec:


• 200mph-plus hypercar
• Number ‘108’ of 149 Produced
• Unique specification
• Base price US $ 1,690,000
• Omani registration document


“… the Elva has a power-to-weight ratio of 644bhp per ton, which puts it ahead of the P1, the Senna and even the F1… McLaren claims the Elva can reach 62mph in 2.8 seconds, 124mph in 6.8 seconds and go on to hit a presumably rather breezy 203mph. Good stuff.” – evo magazine.


The vibrant contrast between the exterior colour & race decals merged with a Yellow leather interior makes for a traditional yet striking design. Matched with its wind altering, speed efficient curves and angles, the whole car seems in motion, almost ready to tear up the mountains of Switzerland where this car is being auctioned.

What a machine...but for £2 million?

Power and performance are what we all have come to expect from McLaren, High revs, quick acceleration and insane 203mph top speeds.


But other models are far more reasonable for the price. All of that aside, i still would pay the asking price for this monster.


Personally (and that me talking, the blog writer…not ETP)  I dont think theres a more striking modern and unique looking car then this monster from McLaren.


Maybe we end the car of the week here…..Maybe we go back to writing about spark plugs and batteries…or NOT! 


Thanks to everyone who reads these . We appreciate it.

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