ETP Car of the week: The New 2024 Bentley Continental GT Speed

2024 Continental GT Speed!

Its that time of the week where ETP digs through todays news and finds a car noteworthy of a showcase.


This week ETP’s COTW is the amazing , the elegant and fast as F*** Bentley Continental GT Speed! (They had to put it in the name so YOU KNOW ITS FAST!)


Here’s some well endowed facts and specs on this beast straight from Bentley HQ.


‘Capable of producing 650 bhp (659 PS) and 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque, this car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds).


An electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD) proactively varies the amount of torque sent from the engine to each rear wheel, allowing you to accelerate out of corners with even more confidence, while Bentley Dynamic Ride, a 48-volt electronic anti-roll system controls body roll throughout.


All-wheel steering, meanwhile, enables you to overtake effortlessly on the highway while minimising body roll even further. At low speeds, it reduces the car’s turning circle, providing even better manoeuvrability on city streets.’


In short its a W12 with a max speed of 335 Kph (208 Mph) and a 0-100 Kph of……3.6s!


Bentleys have been known to make super fast luxury, but they are clearly showcasing the fact that they aint done yet! and that HYBRID E-Vehicles still cant beat that wraspy sound of an petrol engine! Something i believe we need to keep.


I dont know about you, but im sick of muffler silencers on new cars, We dont buy expensive cars to have our mouth taped with pressure sensors or whatever! 


I want to hear the roar of my £300,000+ Supercar, even at 6am! the neighbours didn’t buy it , so why are they bothered!


Imagery and Information gathered from Bentley car showcase page which can be viewed HERE.

Comfort at Light Speed!

If you have ever driven or been in a Bentley, theres a supreme sense of premium quality in the air, All dials shimmer in polished metal and design features are unique for most of the dash, but the comfort! , well….thats almost unbeatable!


Going at speeds over 150mph while getting a back massage is something else , let me tell you! Its the way supercar luxury should be. Gleaming from inside/out & pedal to the metal SPEED!


Bentley are pushing the engine to its furthest and we are here for it! Thats why this is our car of the week!

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