ETP Launches ECO Tyre Sealant : To continue their growing services in autocare

ETP Re-Launches ECO Tyre Seal into the UK Market!

ECO Tyre seal is a blend of fibers and gums held in suspension, unlike our competitors that use a rubber crumb formula. 



Rubber crumb can dry up the liquid solution within the sealant thus leaving the illusion of run flat.


This can cause your local tyre fitter/supplies to change the tyre meaning extra unnecessary costs.


ECO Tyre Sealant works in the tread area only.  It also contains anti-freeze, bactericide, fungicide, and rust inhibitors. 


When a hole occurs in the tyre, under pressure, the sealant rushes to go through the hole and at that stage because of factors such as narrow aperture.


Weight and air pressure a physical and chemical reaction takes place and the fibres come out of suspension and form a plug in the hole.


Behind the visible plug the sealant stays moist which means that the plug never dries out and falls from the hole. It may be knocked from the hole by a sudden bump or vibration.

What size holes does it seal?

Eco Tyreseal tyre sealant will seal holes caused by objects with diameters between 2mm (on wheelchairs and bicycles) and more than 16mm (on large, heavy vehicles).


This difference is due to performance being governed by factors such as weight, air pressure and simply the volume of air in a tyre.


It is not recommended for cars travelling on good roads at speeds of more than 60 mph (90kph) because on small wheels at these speeds it is impossible to balance the wheels. 


Any competitive type product, which claims to balance wheels as well as seal holes, is making extravagant claims which will cause problems in use.

Eco Tyreseal has a high viscosity and is thixotropic which makes it very convenient to use – no splashing, or messy puddles spreading over the work area.


Eco Tyreseal  has no harmful effects, unless several litres are swallowed. (Please check safety data sheets in the tabs above)


Eco Tyreseal is environmentally friendly – it has no ozone destructive gas propellants and the liquid base is biodegradable.   


During the next turn of the wheel it will seal again. Therefore;


  1. ECO Tyre Sealant acts as a permanent treatment – not a temporary repair however on road going vehicles we strongly advise you treat the repair as a get you home or to your local tyre garage
  2. ECO Tyre Sealant is a water based product and can be washed or rinsed from tyres and tubes should a traditional repair be required because of a large gash or tear. 
  3. ECO Tyre Sealant does no harm to tyres or tubes – even to the steel ply parts, because it has a rust inhibitor inside.
  4. Likewise it actually helps to keep wheel rims more rust free than normal. 
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