Why do supercars and hypercars have thick tyres compared to normal cars?

Car (well cars) of the week!

The new kia EV range (EV3 EV4 EV6) Concept range is releasing its first model as soon as 2024! with the EV3 teasing a late 24 release. 


This comes with some great technical specifications such as a 255 mile range which based on the average range is performing well. A quote from Kia’s main page states.


“The future of KIA is here. 


Every moment in history that changes the world begins with one simple move.


a move against hesitance , A move against the status quo, a move against inertia.


The acceleration of EV movement starts now


movement accelerated”


You can clearly see that KIA are hyping up the potential of the EV concepts. And with pre registering happening now on the EV3 Concept. Its hard not to see this launching into the market very soon.You can click HERE to go straight to KIA’s main site.


As with other models, Tyres will remain an integral part of the cars performance, Like the recent collaboration between Porches new Taycan and Pirelli’s EV tyre range, We expect a new partnership with these also. 


With statements that claim they will be taking over the EV space. I cant see this working without some real life changes regarding EV vehicles. I would be very keen in seeing the revolutionised front dash display and performance as with EV, Tech is almost as important as performance. 

EV3 Launching 2024?

So we can see that the EV3 are taking pre registered interest and the main page states its still a concept. But we have seen new models come out with just as striking design and amazing performance that this could well be a reality in the next 6-9 months. 


Reviewing the newest models of 2024 i cant help but notice a running theme with all manufacturers, Striking angles and abstract patterns forming the shape of the Vehicle.


Is it a good thing, Well its better then the early EV designs which looked like revised versions of cars from the 90’s (Seriously have no idea why most went backwards in design terms) 

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