ETP Makes Significant Move by switching to paperless advice notes!

Making our service even better

After working closely with an IT company local to ETP. The growing relationship has become strong and now the business can focus on some technological changes within the company.


As ETP focuses on evolving the business , its only natural that technology can come in to enhance or replace methods that required Paper Usage and hand delivery back to the office. 


With contracts and companies requiring a reduction in their carbon footprint to even quote on the job. This was an essential move that the company had to make to ensure new business deals meet their eco targets. 


So we have introduced a new ‘Paperless’ Advice Note service. Something that just made sense as one of the first move into ‘Automation’. 


This addition is designed to make it easier for jobs to be documented. Easy to send to the office, and easy to create invoices and attach these to the orders.


Not only has it already made significant reductions in any use of paper. It has demonstrated a faster way to get information out to our customers


Now the office has the capacity to send invoices before the fitter returns to site. Sometimes that can be hours before the information can be given to the customer.


This will help increase our service standards to all out clients both on the Earthmover Tyre and Standard vehicle tyres.

Payment Assist.......LIVE

Payment Assist​ is a financial service in which you only pay 25% of the repair bill as a deposit.The other 75% is divided into three equal parts and is paid during the following three months.
Does Payment Assist affect credit score?
The acceptance rate of Payment Assist is 98%. This means you’re more likely to be accepted and can complete your purchase using Payment Assist, so you don’t need to worry about Payment Assist impacting your credit score.
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