Mason Mowers x ETP : Eco Tyre Sealant Now Sold at Mason Mowers

A new partnership begins

Our Eco Tyre Sealant product is now readily available at Mason Mowers located @ Unit 34 Tresham Road, Orton Southgate, PE2 6SG.


With our new Autocare+ Store lauching online last week, We have been influxed with calls and interest in not only what out ECO tyre sealant product does, but also wether we they can work with other tyres like Dirt Bikes, QUADS and Even Mountain Bikes. 


The answer is a massive YES, and to prove it we have teamed up with Mason Mowers in Orton. A local provider of premium lawn mowers and peripherals. After a brief demonstration and overview of our ECO tyre sealant , It wasnt long before we got the nod to help provide these to his customers also. 


We know Tyres, its what we do, And we believe our sealant works perfect with mower tyres and others such as offroad vehicles, Earthmover vehicles and even go karts!






How does it work?!

Eco Tyre sealant is a non rubber bead solution that is applied with air to the tyre. 


After consulting the guide which can be found here. You apply the amount into the tyre specified.


Once in , whenever you get a puncture, the rotation of the the tyre moving and the liquid forces pressure to the puncture and seals it up to allow you to continue your journey or allow you to drive to our garage where we can  get you a replaement same day!

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Deal of Day

All of our sealants come with the tools needed to be able to apply to most tyres and inner tubes. For any specific question please contact us on


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