Pirelli adds new Porsche Taycan Tyres to its Electric Vehicle Catalogue

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Pirelli is launching themselves into the EV Vehicle Tyres market and advertised this at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show , The aim is to be the everyday provider of EV Tyres, And working with major brands like Porsche, They are no longer looking at the EV scene from the sidelines. Pirelli is highlighting that the Porsche Taycan is the first car to use Pirelli Elect-marked tyres. I wonder what this means for other EV models from Lambo, Ferrari and Mclaren?

Pirelli’s engineers developed a specific P Zero Elect tyre for the Porsche Taycan. According to the company, this was developed in line with Pirelli’s perfect fit philosophy, with a compound, construction and tread pattern design specifically created for the Taycan. It is constructed to offer low rolling resistance to maximize the car’s autonomy, reduced road noise to increase cabin comfort, and immediate grip.

With winter over, in some places its good to e prepared for future seasons as laws mandating the use of winter tyres in many countries could apply , Pirelli has created these special Elect versions of the Winter Sottozero 3, Scorpion Winter, and P Zero Winter. The latter is available for the Porsche Taycan in 19-inch and 20-inch sizes.

Pirelli Experts have also disclosed the benefits of Winter tyres moving into other seasons as it warms up.

EV Vehicles To Grow in 2024/25

With the rush of EV supercars and Hybrid super-trucks, It’s hard to see the EV market dying down, Government grants are being offered to those who install EV chargers and provide them to the public, This shows the UK endorsement into Electric Vehicles, And ETP look to provide the best service for your EV rated tyres and fittings.


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