Mat Armstrong repairs Marcus Rashfords Wraith

The impossible made possible!

Mat Armstrongs recent series revolves around repairing a Rolls Royce Wraith that was owned by Manchester United’s most loved player Marcus Rashford. Lets have a look at Mat Armstrong repairs Marcus Rashfords Wraith.


People who have watched Mat Armstrongs youtube videos will know that he isnt afraid of a big challenge, With cars like his infamous Audi TT , an Audi RS6 , A Porche 911 GT3 and many more entering his Garage as a wreck, Then he does the work nobody else would. And it pays off! 


Throughout the years Mat has grown to have millions of followers watching weekly as he picks up cars that should be more at home in a scrapyard, and returns them to their former glory! All in working order (Most of the time!) 


ETP’s owner loves the content Mat delivers to his followers, With millions of views on his videos, Its clear that what he does is interesting.


And only recently he purchased a Rolls Royce Wraith from the legendary Manchester united player Marcus Rashford, He has been recognised as one of the greatest players of our time for what he does both inside and outside the pitch.


Most would even say he’s now a national treasure ever since he campaigned for school lunched to be provided to all. 

What next for Mat?

Did Mat Armstrong repair Marcus Rashfords Wraith? Visiting his youtube page , You can see his recent video revolves around his Lamborghini.


It seems from the initial title that he owns this Lambo and has recently got into a ‘mishap’ and reshaped the entire body of the car! Not great at all!


Luckily it happened to one of the most capable people for the job (Thatll save abit on the repair bill) And you can see he is getting stuck in with fixing his beloved bull.

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