ETP provides new ways to spread the cost of your repairs!


ETP Tyres - Payment Assist

ETP Has been providing exceptional service for over 4 years in the Peterborough and Whittlesey area, During this time we have repaired , services and catered for 1000’s of companies , cars and the general public.


We started during a very uncertain time, but the one thing that stood out is that ETP and the business was growing. And this presented the company with a unique opportunity to evolve its payment service offerings. And with the help of Payment Assist,  You can now have the opportunity to spread the cost of your repairs. 


There is no minimum spend and you do not have to pay any fees OR interest, its all covered by a process that just makes sense, Payment sense…..(i couldn’t resist!)


Easy to setup here at ETP , either follow the link in this post to fill in a form and our Payment Assist will be happy to provide a quotation on this spread the cost payment service. 

Easy Pay-Monthly helps when emergencies arise .

Imagine this, You have a long journey ahead in the coming days or weeks, you decide to check your Tread, Brakes or even your Battery and realise that its needs servicing but the gerneral cost is too much outlay right before your trip. 


Have no fear as with ETP Tyres and Payment Assist, Your able to pay a small 25% upfront and spread the remaining payments over 3 months!


That way you get your repairs done , The business can supply the parts and labour, And payment assist supports the rest. Easy as 1-2-3 . Fill in the form, Get a quote, Pay 25% and be on your way! 

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