Peterborough United Partners with Whittlesey Tyre company ETP Tyres

ETP Scores a great partnership!

As you all know by now , ETP tyres are a modern approach to Auto Care , providing remote and on site services for everyday repairs and also commercial Fleets.  Anthony has a huge knowledge on Earthmover Tyres also retaining most of his day one clients and providing exceptional service to the general public in and around Peterborough.


So it only makes sense that Point S – One of the largest national Tyre and Autocare suppliers, Decided to join forces with ETP and launch a fantastic campaign with ‘the Posh’ , Providing promotional space on the stands , programmes and through PUFC networking events. 


This has rocketed ETP into the Peterborough Peoples Vision, and the response could not have been better! ETP focusing on being a industry leader and PUFC recognised the business’s evolution , and now the partnership is in full swing. 


With ETP cross promoting the events at ‘The Posh’ ground, The social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram have grown alongside an increase in providing incredible service to the people of Peterborough.


Anthony loves going to the ground and supporting his local team, He finds great pride when he can see his Logo at the games, “I never thought id see my logo presented at this Stadium, it makes me so happy we are being recognised’ Said Anthony after the latest match up against Wigan last Saturday. Unfortunately not the best result but a great game of back and forth & plenty of goals!

To the POSH and Beyond!

ETP works very closely with their partners Point-S. With their recent success over the years, the two teams decided to cross support PUFC to help maximise the potential traction this campaign can bring. I would assume safely that this agreement has worked well in favour of all. Most likely down to the great service and products ETP provides to the local populous. 


Moving forward i would be certain that this relationship continues to grow and expand as ETP starts to venture more into online and other spaces that the company can provide even more products and services.

Want to speak and meet?

Business Fleets that are looking to put there vehicles in safe hands can pop in at any time to relax and go through your requirements , Tea and Coffee available on site, Meeting rooms are available to those who are waiting for the the work to be completed. 



Our long standing clients who we provide services for can have access to book our professional meeting room at any time, Just another way we help maximise your potential while providing A Class to your respective fleet. 

Want to know more about what we can do for you or your business. Get in touch with our team on 01733204600.

ETP Tyres and Auto Care
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