Re-Mapping : The Pro's and Con's

Will Re-mapping make my car faster?

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What are the benefits of engine remapping?

It’s a low-cost way of improving your car’s performance

Remapping prices vary, but it can be one of the most affordable ways of improving your car’s performance.

You don’t need to make any physical upgrades

You don’t need to upgrade any physical aspect of your car to get the performance benefits of a remap. In fact, it’s usually the other way around. Many aftermarket parts will require an engine remap to make sure they’re working as well as they can.

It’s (usually) reversible

In many cases, a car’s remap can be reversed. So, if you decide you’d rather have the original software installed back on your car, it’s easily done. That said, this won’t bring back the warranty you’ve voided.

What are the drawbacks of engine remapping?

It usually invalidates a car’s warranty

Though it’s an easy and invisible way of tuning your car, the vast majority of car warranties will be voided by a remap. It’s still an alteration of the car after all, which could affect the reliability of your engine beyond the manufacturer’s control.

That said, there are some exceptions. For example, Ford worked with specialists Mountune to offer some of the latter’s remaps on the Focus RS without affecting the manufacturer warranty. Always check your paperwork, though.


What is re-mapping, is it safe?

ECU Re-mapping is a simple way to get the most out of your vehicle, Most modern vehicles have ECU’s that can be remapped by plugging a piece of hardware into the vehicle and adjusting the settings to maximise the performance of a few things including :


– Spark timing and fuel injection.


– The electronic control unit may also control electronic throttle control (drive-by-wire).


– Poppet valve timing, boost control (in turbocharged engines)


– Anti-lock braking system, the automatic transmission, speed governor (if equipped)


– Electronic Stability Control system


These are all adjustable through the ECU and if tuned by the right professional , It can deliver better fuel efficiency, Increased horsepower and quicker response times with the ESC and ABS.

Want to get your car remapped?

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