Why is Vehicle Fleet Care essential in 2024?

The major factors

Most business’s that operate in the service industry for other companies generally have a fleet or a number of vehicles to maintain. Wether it be Telecoms, Sales, Estate Agents, Recruitment. ETP now offer B2B services tailored to those on the road daily for the business.


We understand fleets and have operated in the Earthmover sector for over 5 years, So we know what costs can occur when a vehicle becomes damaged or in need of repair. 


Worry no more , for as little as £50 per month per vehice we can perform helath checks each month on your site to ensure all tyres, brakes and gerneral essentials are working the way they should. We provide a report each month to inform you of what may be needed in the future for you to prepare for. 


This alone can save a business £1000’s in business and also maintain noone misses a meeting, A networking event or even just a trip away with family. We can prevent disasters occurring by offering regular checks.

Want us to fully manage your fleet, no problem. we can fit and repair on your site so no need for stressful days worrying when someone will fix it, We will have if repaired same day if we can!

Fleet Maintenance takes the worry away!

An essential tool for any business is the power of consistancy, We have been growing year on year to improve our service offering within Peterborough and Cambridge. We offer fleet health checks, Fleet management and also mobile repair. ETP are fully equipped to handle emergencies big or small! 


To ensure you get the most out of your fleet, ETP are happy to arrange an onsite consultation to advice on the type of service that may benefit the day to day runnings of your business. 


We are a family run , hard working company with an ethos of service first and building long term relationships. Contact us below about scheduling a meeting with our Director.

Please fill in your enquiry form and let us know how many vehicles you need maintaining.

ETP Tyres and Auto Care
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