Zappie and ETP build stronger communications for clients and staff!

Before ETP met with Zappie, They were still running of an old inherited ADSL system , which of course was due to be switched off by BT by end of 2024/2025, With some areas already cut off from ADSL. 


This presented ETP with an opportunity to advance there offerings to clients and improve the internal communications of the business within.


Old tech slowed down efficiency and we needed to find a solution that would benefit our clients and improve our internal communications.


Zappie called into ETP and advised of some of the newer methods to help combat our communications problems, Within a week there was a meeting arranged and they proposed a great solution for us.


Zappie liked the future ideas & ETP’s eye for detail,  specifically because of their professionalism and their understanding of the business, something that as a business looking to go paperless by 2030 , there solution fit our needs perfectly and then it was down to get the systems and solutions locked in.


This also included new IPADS for on site repairs, A month in we have seen a great improvement both as Zappie supplying us but also communicating outside the office .


We don’t see the need to ever part ways with Zappie as long as the service stays the way it is 🙂 .

ETP Tyres and Auto Care
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